Wedding Flowers

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All the flowers used in our designs are grown by us in Perthshire, Scotland. Take a peek to see what flowers are available the month of your wedding here:

We have 3 different options to fit any budget and desired level of involvement: Full service, A LA Carte, and Bulk Botanicals. Couples will often mix and match Bulk Botanicals with items from the A La Carte menu to fit their needs.

The options


This option allows for maximum flower impact from the smallest budget. However, arranging all your own wedding flowers is not for the faint of heart. We offer 1-2-1 or group tutorials, however, the most popular option with our couples is to mix and match with items from the A LA Carte option.


A La Carte, is a fancy way of saying you can choose from a set menu (or list in this case.) This is the perfect option for flower lovers who need bouquets, buttonholes, table centers, etc in a specific color palette but who do not require a sit-down consultation.


Full-service allows couples to plan completely bespoke wedding flowers. We will have a sit-down, cuppa, and talk through every floral detail to plan the perfect flowers for your celebration. This option is for those wanting installations such as archways.

The minimum spend for this bespoke service is £2,000


A La Carte Wedding Flowers



The aim of A La Carte wedding flowers is to streamline the process for couples to order beautiful flowers, without it taking months of consultations and back-and-forth emails. Instead, it could be done by dinnertime today. 


The process is simple, however, it will not be for every couple. We have a restricted option menu for you to choose from. This includes personal flowers, such as bouquets and buttonholes, as well as ceremony flowers, such as table centers. The prices are there for you to see straight away so you can tailor-make a flower order to fit your budget.


We understand how stressful organising a wedding can be. You have to go from zero to hero overnight... Event planners go to uni before tackling a wedding, but you've just fallen into the deep end! Let us take one job off your to-do-list.


We know our flowers better than anyone and will select only the most perfect combination of blooms for your big day.


You must be able to collect your order from Errol, either the morning of your wedding or 1 day before if you have somewhere cold to keep your flowers.

Delivery is available within a reasonable distance for an additional fee.


 If this option is not quite right for you as you need installations as well as personal and reception flowers then please send us an email to to discuss a full-service wedding package.

Unfortunately, our Diary is currently closed




Full-Service Wedding Flowers



This is the bee's knees option.

Scottish Cut Flowers has paired up with a florist, with over a decade of floristry experience, so that we can now provide a top-notch, kitchen sink, wedding flower offering.

As part of the full-service floristry service, you will have a sit-down consultation with our florist and grower team to plan the perfect blooms just for you.

Get your Pinterest board prepped because full service means that you get to have hanging installation, archways, moon gates, floral table runners, and floral jewelry.  Your imagination is the limit... maybe budget to a smaller extent 

Unfortunately, our Diary is currently closed