Seasonal Flowers​​

Flower availability changes week to week, and each year is different from the last, but to give you a good idea which types of flowers are available each season check out the images below. 

Our customers appreciate the changing seasons, and the beauty of working in partnership with Mother Nature, as much as we do.

Feel free to let us know your seasonal favourites when ordering your Bulk Botanicals or Wedding arrangements. We will be sure to ensure to include them in your order if they are ready for harvest in the field.

We never import flowers from abroad. If we don't grow it ourselves or it isn't in season then it simply isn't available.

Spring Flowers


April and May wedding flowers include the following gems, plus others.

Summer Flowers


June, July & August wedding flowers can include, but are not limited to, the flowers below.


Autumn Flowers


Sept and early October wedding flowers may include a lot of the Summer varieties, plus these additions.