Grow Your Own Cut Flowers kit.

Grow Your Own Cut Flowers kit.


Learn how to grow and harvest your own fresh cut flowers with this awesome gift set. We have carefully selected tried and tested flower varieties which work in harmony together both in the garden and vase. We share our years of growing experience via the booklet included so you are sure to turn each seed into a big bountyful plant. With our instruction you will create a extremely productive cut flower patch to keep your vase brimming over with home grown beauties all summer long, and no doubt a few extras for the neighbours.


The kit includes:


-Handmade Vase

Designed specifically for Scottish Cut Flowers (SCF) by The Kiln Creative, Dunkeld. This hand thrown clay vase is dip glazed to create a gorgeous, chunky, wholesome vessel which perfectly compliments our home grown flowers.


-Flower Secateurs

A delicate long-nosed design of snips. The same used by the SCF team.


- Seeds

The varieties included have been carefully chosen for their good growth habit, high productivity and overall impact when put together in a vase.


- Instruction booklet

Written by Rosie, owner of SCF. The guidance in this booklet will take you from seed to flower, bare soil to productive cutting garden, flower fancier to complete addict! You've been warned!


Delivery is included in the price.

Dispatch will begin from the first week of December.