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Our Mission

To work with Mother Nature to grow outstandingly beautiful, healthy flowers which spread joy wherever they go.



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Reducing Our Collective Environmental Footprint

It’s our vision to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint giving them the choice to buy home-grown flowers over imported foreign flowers.

This small decision will have a big impact on the reduction of carbon emissions from unhealthy production techniques and transport fumes.

We strive to continually reduce our environmental footprint by choosing recyclable or compostable packaging, streamlining deliveries, avoiding synthetic chemicals like the plague and whenever possible sourcing product from within Britain, Scotland ideally.

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Protecting the land we are custodians of

Farming counterintuitively can be detrimental to the land, I’m talking about the huge hedge-less fields, large machinery and single crop type of farming you see everywhere.

At SCF we aim to be the opposite of that, we have 50+ different varieties of flowers for the wildlife to feed and live from, we use minimum till methods to protect the important worm population, we use compost to add fertility, and beneficial insects rather than synthetic chemicals to control pests and weed suppression material to negate the need for weed killer.

We feel it is our duty as custodians of the land to help in the fight to save the bees, this year we will be undertaking a bee keeping course and hope to establish our hives by mid-summer. With such an abundance of flowers and surrounding fields, we should be able to provide a sanctuary for at least a couple of hives which will increase the pollination of those surrounding food crops. We are buzzing!

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Giving Back

From day one SCF has been beneficiary of luck, lovely people, shared knowledge and all the natural elements which are necessary for us to grow our flowers. We would like to give back in our own flowery way, starting in 2021 our campaign of kindness will seek nominations of those who deserve or would benefit from a floral surprise. We will also start random flowery acts of kindness, giveaways and more.

5% of the company’s profits will be donated, on completion of the 2021-2022 tax year, to a charity which will be chosen democratically during 2021 by polling of our SCF online community.