Floral Menagerie

Flower School Glasgow 

We offer something different to the norm...
A unique range of flowers
Something your competitors won't have!
Garden style flowers and foliage
Our crops have life and movement, not to mention scent!
No  shrinkage to account for
If we say there will be 70 stems in a bucket then all 70 stems will be happy and healthy when they get to you.
Flowers arrive fully hydrated and ready to use, saving you time.
Chemical free
No artificial herbicides, fungicides or insecticides are used to grow our flowers.
Extra long vase life
From harvest to delivery our flowers never leave the water, are cooled prior to transport and are usually in your hands within 24hrs.
You can sell the story to your customers "Hey, did you know these tulips were grown just a few miles away in Perthshire by this weird lass called Rosie!"
Wholesale flowers will be available from April/May - October
from Fleurametz in Glasgow.
Florists are more than welcome to collect an order from the garden personally on any day.
We would love you to come visit, keep an eye on our social media pages to find out when our next florist open day is.

Betty Bluebell