A unique range of flowers, Something your competitors won't have!
Wholesale flowers will be available from April/May - October
- Fleurametz in Glasgow
- Direct from Farm
To qualify for wholesale flowers you must own a business, intend to sell the flowers on and make regular purchases.
Benefits of Home-grown Flowers and Foliage
- Garden style flowers and foliage
Our crops have life and movement, not to mention scent!
- No  shrinkage to account for
If we say there will be 70 stems in a bucket then all 70 stems will be happy and healthy when they get to you.
- Conditioned
Flowers arrive fully hydrated and ready to use, saving you time.
- Chemical free
No synthetic preservatives, fungicides, or insecticides touch our babies so that they are 100% safe for your health.
- Extra-long vase life
From harvest to delivery our flowers never leave the water, are stored in a climate-controlled cooler prior to transport. This means that they are fresh and in peak condition when they reach you.
- Provenance 
You can sell the story to your customers "Hey, did you know these tulips were grown just a few miles away in Perthshire by this muddy lass called Rosie!"


Florist testimonials

Betty bluebell.jpg
'Rosie’s dahlias, astilbe and amaranthus make autumn! The quality is far superior to import and the longevity is far greater.’
Emma Lawson
By Betty Bluebell
'Rosie has developed the most amazing flower and foliage garden. As a passionate events florist it is like being in multiple sweetie shops at once. Beautiful seasonal blooms, immense variety, individually tended, an amazing personal and customer focussed service. We love to source locally grown flowers and our clients really welcome our mantra to work towards a sustainable future. Thats why we use Scottish Cut Flowers whenever possible #grownnotflown'
Ros Claase
Stunning Flowers
'Rosie is super helpful and very experienced, her flowers are just Woaw!! Every flower I have had the quality is superb and always sooo much to choose from! If you haven’t been to visit her I highly recommend it!'
Victoria Scott
Victoria Bloom
'Being able to use what's in season is really important to us and the selection Rosie offers really reflects what brides and grooms are asking for colour-way-wise. We love that the stems haven't travelled far, so that they arrive in near-perfect condition and last really well. We'll keep ordering from Rosie as long as she lets us, and get excited each and every season to see what new treats she has cultivated and grown. Finally, before we have to call this a novel, the option to have flowers specifically grown for your briefs is incredible and Rosie is super friendly and helpful - all in we'd call buying from Scottish Cut Flowers a pure joy.'
Rosie and Jess.
Lavender and Rose
'Rosie and the team at Scottish Cut Flowers have been supplying us with the very best locally grown chemical-free flowers for nearly 3 years. The variety, colour and stem length are second to none and the quality far exceeds any imported alternatives. What a delight to watch our flowers arrive in reusable buckets, free from single-use plastic and knowing they have only travelled a short distance from field to bouquet. Looking forward to another fantastic growing season!'
Lisa Gaston
Floral Menagerie